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Interested in a self-funded PhD studentship?

From time to time, depending on grants, PhD studentships are available in my lab.

However I am also happy to consider a self-funded (or part self-funded) PhD studentship at any time. Please note the following:

The cost of a full-time PhD studentship is as follows. As well as living expenses (these vary depending on your requirements), you will need ~£12K (UK and EU students) or ~£30K (non-EU students) for fees (total for the three years); and at least £15K over three years for project consumables.

Also, even if self-funded (or part-funded) you will still need to go through a formal interview process.

I am broadly interested in alternative splicing, but also other forms of posttranscriptional control including mRNA translation, localisation, and microRNAs. Many of my projects are relevant to cancer.

The following is a list of potential PhD projects:

  1. An investigation into the role of the SR protein kinase SRPK1 in cancer.
  2. Regulation of alternative splicing of VEGF in angiogenesis.
  3. Alternative splicing of HER2 in breast cancer.
  4. The function of atGRP7 in the stress response in Arabidopsis thaliana.

If you are interested in discussing this further do get in touch!